What we do


This service is essentially for Clients that lack the technical staff to manage their construction program. ACEMP staff can work from the Clients’ location to manage the process. This includes but not limited to site selection, hiring of design and construction team, setting cost targets and cost limits. We have successfully helped a lot of banks to achieve their branch expansion programs.


As a result of our deep understanding of the built environment, we offer contract administration services to Clients to ensure a harmonious project delivery. This involves negotiating contract agreements, interpretation of contract documents, quotation reviews, quality control and variation control and monitoring.


This is at the core of our services, and we attract the best and brightest to maintain excellent service delivery in structural analysis and design. We deploy the entire resources of our State of the Arts Engineering Analysis and Design Software to maximum benefit, to produce fast, accurate and cost effective solutions. Our suite of projects cover high rise buildings, factories and industrial buildings, towers and masts for the telecommunication industries, hospital buildings, facilities for educational institutions and multilevel parking lots. We have our projects in every major city in Nigeria, from office complexes to commercial buildings.


We investigate the suitability of existing buildings to serve new purpose. This involves soil investigation, foundation investigation, strength tests of structural elements, and design of strengthening schemes, where necessary, to improve the carrying capacity of the buildings. We have handled the restoration of old buildings and numerous factories.


Our work is as diverse as the expertise we have been able to develop. Our Civil Engineers work closely with our varied clients and collaborators and are up to date with developments in the industry and ready to bring innovation in response challenges and constraints. We have developed capabilities in design of roads, highways, dams, bridges, large scale drainage networks, waterworks, and port facilities.


Our Oil and Gas division is manned by thoroughbred professionals who have acquired great experience working in the Oil and Gas sector of the economy for a reasonable period. Our work in this sector involves working with other professionals and providing structural engineering designs and solutions to fixed and floating offshore structures, terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants and subsea pipelines.


We conduct feasibility studies to justify investment in Infrastructural Projects. This involves working collaboratively with other Design Consultants to produce initial design concepts, costing and income schedules. This involves projects in key sectors such as civil and urban infrastructure, estate development, water works and dams. Many infrastructure projects involve huge investment and require design solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable, in an environment with minimal risks.


 As Project Managers and/or Construction Managers, we work with the Client from the conception of the project to completion. We help define project intent and goals, hire and collaborate with other design professionals, and work concurrently with both the design team and constructors to deliver projects timely and at target cost. In addition, we authenticate projects for the following value parameters:

  • Availability of detailed construction documents including: Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, Services drawings, Bill of quantities, Specifications and Contract conditions, detailed program of works.
  • Qualified work force for the construction team in terms of the supervisors for the various trades on site.
  • Authentication of Bills of Quantity of actual values implemented on site.
  • Schedules of progress report for the attention of the Client.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance program of the contractor for correct construction materials.
  • Conformity of actual works on site to schedule of goals signed in the contract document.
  • Fire and safety standards being implemented for the project meet acceptable standard.
  • Perform periodic tests on materials and works carried out to confirm quality, and compliance.
  • Prepare and revise the contract documents to reflect actual works on site.
  • Prepare and advice the Client on Certificates for payment to the Contractor.
  • Give proof positive assurance to the Clients on their investments.